NuevoThoughts is a Young, Dynamic, Innovative, Creative and Fun loving group of people.What drives us every single day is our Obsession to build Innovative & Creative stuff.We currently work from our Noida(India) Lab center.

Some of


Mobile App Development

Highly proficient development teams for Mobile App. Be it Hybrid Apps, Or Android or iOS our team members can bring your idea or service live on mobile platforms quickly.

Software Development

For all your complex software and algorithms, we have right team and set of tools for your requirements.

Web Development

Excellent creative team for Web site and other web development activities. Latest technology such as AngularJS, HTML, CSS, WordPress, with highly creative elements are available with the team members.

Testing and Automation

We have a separate Vertical with a vertical head managing and delivering quality solutions for Testing and Automation.

Project Management

With latest tools and Agile methodology we have Project Managers who have strong capabilities in managing Scrum projects

AI and Machine Learning

With advent of AI and ML, we have a R&D team building lots of tools and libraries for AI and ML. If you are looking for a solution in this area please contact us.

Innovation & Creativity Drive Us!

Bringing life to your ideas.