NuevoThoughts is a Young, Dynamic, Innovative, Creative and Fun loving group of people.What drives us every single day is our Obsession to build Innovative & Creative stuff.We currently work from our Noida(India) Lab center.

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We at NuevoThoughts




We understand the requirements and brainstorm it to come out with functional specifications



The important aspect of any product or solution requirement is to analyze and understand the requirements. This is done under Analysis phase



This is phase where developers will write the actual code and do unit tests



In our company we have dedicated Vertical with specialized teams for doing testing. Testing is not about breaking the system but making sure it is better once it passes through Testing phase

Our Vision

Vision is to deliver best of standards Products and Services to our clients with use of latest technologies and platforms!

Our Mission

Mission is to keep building new things and deliver quality output which none can beat!

Our Strategy

Our strategy from start has been to be transparent and highly skilled in latest technologies. With this mantra we have been working for all these years.

Our Contribution

As a company we have always been working towards contributing towards society from where we all are coming. We do it in form of giving internships to college students, funding CSR activities, giving out free lectures and building technology products for different sections of the societies such as farmers

The ultimate aim of our business

It is to create a company which can help other companies and businesses to enhance their businesses using latest technology and tools


Our Projects

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